Friday, August 23, 2013

Random thoughts for the day, not quite every day.


We hand down our legacies to generations beyond us. We are the legacy handed to us. Unless...we change it. Think about that the next time something comes out by impulse. Where did that pulse come from, was it given to you, and do you want  that to pulse right into the next generation? If yes, keep it going. If not, seek out change (read more about changing habits in the blog a few months ago); this takes an intentional effort, based on habits, through repetition, for most. It's worth it; believe me. Make your legacy something new! It's worth fighting for! x

If you want to experience joy, be joyful. If you want to experience love, be loving to others. If you want to experience ugliness, be ugly to others. If you want to see what pureness of heart looks like, ask God to clean up your heart. 
I've seen a light shine from within someone, when I didn't know them. I asked if they were a believer, randomly and upfront. They said yes. I yearn to be have the light that shines in me, so that it can be seen by others. I have a ways to go. Kudos to those two people, random strangers, who showed me it's possible, not by words, but by attitude. That's an amazing thing, so see that light!


Beauty skin deep only lasts a while. Beauty inside the person, the soul, character - that can last forever. What's more important to you? Quality or fluffery (i'm making that word up)? Value the one most that you see most beneficial to others (and your own self-worth), and one of which it's possible you can keep. The other is just a "nice-to-have" temporary extra. A quality among a myriad of human qualities, but a fleeting one at best. (It comes with it's own benefits, but it's own repercussions too. :( That's just my humble opinion.

What someone does wrong isn't necessarily all of who they are; it's what they do wrong. If we encourage what they do right, will it encourage who they are to become???

Is being nice to ones friend really being nice? I think it says more about whether you're really nice, if it isn't in reciprocity.

Have you heard "eat rocks'? Did you know some dogs actually do eat rocks, and when someone says that, they mean to imply the recipient is stupid or wrong? I've found most often that those "go eat rocks" message carriers are often the ones who consume too many rocks themselves. That's why they use the term. :)
(For the sake of funny....see:


They say to 'keep your eye on the prize'. Well, I say "keep one eye on the prize, and have the other stay on the lookout for road bumps along the way".

Why try to be good? That's like trying to swim...from a shark. Probably best to settle on will or won't. Trying won't get you there. Trying is good for when you have a chance to 'try again'.
(It's okay to mess up sometimes, but get back on it, as something you're doing, not 'trying'...)

Ever wonder why people use "have your cake & eat it too"? Of course i can have it and eat it! It's cake. It really should be 'KEEP your cake & eat it too' - since that's what it really means - you can't hold onto a good thing (cherish it) and at the same time use it all up - the best of both...

Ever wonder what your dog thinks when he watches your seems-to-be-habit of searching for his poo & collecting it?