About Me & Contact Details

I used to be into photography. I used to read, and write, quite a lot. I've published poems in my youth, and I happen to be opposed to using the word Hot.

Seems to me we run with words, that are holding hands with a fad; and more often than not, we neglect to use our own ideas, only to realize when they've come to life - that they weren't half bad.

So often the complaint, we have no time. However, I've found that time is what we make, and only the important ideas get watered, the rest either discarded or left to bake.

Over time, I sense that I've written too many truths, and too many words, that weren't so easy to hear. It might have been best to start out gentle, and save the fancy for friends that were still near.

Because writing holds power, and can be used to prove. But... if you're asked for your words, this means you're accepted. So go slow, if your words and intention is to encourage & move.

Schooling took time, and time took years. My goal changed to help, to psychoanalyze the mind. With helping, I worked for money and for free, and kept going forward for career, never looking behind.

I moved quite a bit, and I explored quite a lot. I ventured in marketing and lifestyle coaching (business, fitness, & nutrition). I even began teaching and coaching kids, and the effort to realize the 'help others' goal came to fruition.

Then I changed a bit more, developed more friendships, and began consulting in business again - this time IT, while keeping my charitable endeavors at a stop-and-go pace. I realized that I had so many things I wanted to do, that doing them all was a matter of one big race.

I race still. On roads and trails of 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathons and more. I race in my business and this happiness & career endeavor. I see the faces of those who need help in their life, and I strive to to do it all here, now, and forever.

I will continue to write, to help even just one.. Even though I'd like just a couple 'follows' or 'likes', to encourage my journey, lest I fall. However, I'd much rather not know and still do some sort of good, then not write, and do nothing at all.

I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to know more, as I hopefully develop some sort of 1/2 talent, feel free to write me at fitwaves@gmail.com, and for advice, call me direct

Thank you, and have a superb day - it's what You make it!

Much love,