Monday, September 8, 2014

Mad Rant About How People Make Decisions

What is WRONG with people? How come most decisions or opinions people hold are based on what THEY want, what's good for them no matter how many people it hurts, etc.? Just because You like something, if you know it hurts most people, and the outcome of it existing is mostly all bad, but it's good for you or you enjoy it - what then it's good? WHAT? No. If it does more harm than good, then it's BAD, and you should relinquish the right TO it. OMG this world is not about just your self and what you want! Isn't that what you'll tell you kids too? So live by that same principle. What's bad and hurts people isn't ok just because you want it. Maybe practice wanting something else. Ugh. The moralistic line and determining factor shouldn't be it's right because I like it.
That's a lie. That is not a healthy life view. Re-evaluate. P.S. People have a very distinct ability to lie to oneself and to create whatever micro-false-version of truth they want to believe to justify their actions. Search for the answer you want to find and you'll find it. My suggestion is to search for ALL of the answers and weigh them out. Step outside the circle and weigh the benefit and cost at a global level. Make a decision. The best one is often not the one we want. But it's the best. Sacrifice = a healthier life. Not indulge in whatever you want. Heard of the fall of the Roman empire? I hope I don't have to explain that. Kinda sorry about my rant, but it's necessary so I don't self-destruct. Now on to my own healthy way of dealing with this serious passion against ignorance and selfishness! Yoga & Running, + Prayer. What else can I do? Talk more with no one listening?