Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Slap me in the face, or just give me a kiss.

I think it may be kind of American to think shouting out love from the rooftops, displaying it at times, and so on, makes it grow bigger & crazier. 

[Crazy can be fun!] 

Also, I'm partial to the idea that it can be universal for members of a society to be critical of other individuals or groups at times. Yet, one must be careful that one does't product too much criticism, lest one will produce a critical spirit within their self. 

Maybe it's good to be careful that the hand that judges others doesn't come back and judge you conversely by the same standard. (Ex: He's insecure in love or he wouldn't have to display his love. Conversely: He's insecure in himself, in what he thinks or feels, in what others think; otherwise he wouldn't be afraid to show his love.) Usually the balance is found somewhere in the middle. Me personally, I go with how I feel in the moment (if it's positive, otherwise I deliberate & rationalize first) & whatever [reasonable] urge i have to express it; with emotion - as long as there's a time & a place that isn't ghastly inappropriate, why not?

...but I'm typically reserved when it comes to certain things, unless feeling others' pain or when I'm simply elated (I'm not shy when it comes to being amped, encouraging people, loving life, or defending principles!). Then occasionally, I have random displays of affection or elation (happiness, joy, excitement, righteous indignation in someone's defense)... I don't really worry one way or another what anyone thinks. (Showing too much love? So. Showing nothing? So.)

Me personally, I don't prefer to witness over the top negative emotions (or be in involved with them), and while I may think it's cute to be kinda cuddly and cheesy, I don't actually watch others' moments of admiration (but don't let it bother me either). You never know if some outward display is either: for a reason, from the heart, all the time, a rarity...etc. Why hold a firm judgement against it? Just live, & love; take it lightly. 

Sometimes our cultural perspectives affect how we perceive and process meaning for what we see. Sometimes what we see has been precipitated by events in others' lives (death, missed opportunities, previous expressions of another person's preferences) that have cause them to live for today; personally, I prefer to express love or affection before it's too late. 

Sometimes...the most amazing thing comes from doing it different; taking an unusual path in a very usual day. Sometimes, the way to create or experience something new & lovely is to BE someone new and lovely (even for the day), just every so often. To throw caution to the wind, do whatever you wouldn't do usually, and change things up. You never know what might happen; and you might like whatever it is that does.

Just food for thought. 

{Disclaimer: I'm definitely not saying that severe need in oneself or demands by others for severe expression aren't signs of a problem. I'm simply saying it's okay to mix things up. ;-p }