Thursday, September 5, 2013

Caress you. Caress me.

with words of love and wisdom
at least that's how it's supposed to be

we're brought together here
to help each other thrive
yet when we think to get ahead
empathy takes a nose-dive

when did it become a race
to see if we can win
making sure others fail is futile
yet humanity does is again and again

pick a foe and pick a winner
you're bound to pick one side
but what happens when we pick both
could we allow everyone to thrive

why does being successful
mean hurting someone else
why must another have to fall
to rise above one's self

i'm just a girl with notions
of rising to my unique 'top'
and while i do so quietly
i'll make sure to stop

stop to help another rise with me
i'll push the limit with indignity
to help two of us together find
the wealth of dreams that is infinity

i say they're wrong
there is glory in helping, says me
so if helping is a criminal act
let us be made villains happily

if caressing means passing on words
or helping with one's hands
i caress you;  you caress me
and the world misunderstands

they misunderstand: that happiness isn't only found
in pursuing it for oneself
it can also be discovered when
you see it form on the face of someone else.

(TBD on editing until later. although, so are the rest of these blogs. i know it's rough, but better than none?? okay, that's debatable. anyway - it is what it is, and probably, again, what it's not.)