Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today's Fuss About Paula Deen [character assassination?]

To me, it's amazing that we can ridicule and ostracize someone famous or not famous, because they have said something or made a mistake years ago, only to have it pulled into full public view years afterward. To top this, that same person loses face, and their companies or sponsors drop them, and they're fired. WOW! All before she's even had a chance to also publicly address it (Paula). 
Here's the thing: famous people can do hard-core drugs blatantly (in public view where kids absorb this as acceptable behavior), and they're still supported (Lyndsey). They can become famous while being drug dealers, and enter a successful music career (Pitbull). They can star in a porn [supposedly legal prostitution] that contributes to the encouragement of such things to young girls in despair (that teen mom), and so on...the list goes on. Disgusting. This doesn't really mean that we should slam them with an all-encompassing one-word label they have to wear. Not to say we shouldn't support those people that may behave in ways we don't necessarily support. So many of these famous people who CARRY ON lives of destruction, and are sanctioned; no one drops them or ridicules them in public and writes them off as one word - the word for whatever new-found negative description is given to them now that they've supposedly fallen from perfection. BUT - those who live lives of destructive behavior and hurt others and set poor examples that I would never want my future daughter to follow - oh they can keep making money, because they make someone feel better about themselves. Yet, this Paula lady, I don't know much about, but I've heard through witnesses she's forthright and kind. If so, why can't people forgive someone who's still sorry, for something she obviously already learned (she doesn't say those words NOW), and move on. Really, judgmentalites', you don't do anything wrong? Okay, well HAVE you done anything? Were you sorry? Well, that's that then; you've probably been forgiven. As long as you learned and don't continue the offense, who are we to keep it going, keep judging, like it's still happening? How CRUEL to fire someone for something that probably everyone has done equal to - it's a poor choice of a word that I personally don't use (neither should anyone else, because it's so disrespectful & one should be aware it has negative energy & history/prejudices attached). But you know what, have I called someone an idiot (just as an example, because I haven't said the 'N' word ) before, in may past? Did I mean it nicely? NO. Did I continue to call people idiots, once I realized how hurtful or harmful that is? Isn't that the point? Learning and growing, and learning to love people, in action. Those who have never sinned, cast the first stone...
As Carla Hall said today on The Chew, "Forgiveness is Power," and I agree, that it's easy to judge, but it's best to have grace, and choose to believe the apology, forgive, and move on (if it is no longer a continued offense).