Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a Family's Fight

Today's blog is a simple story of ill health and pain, sleeping with its cousin grace. 

Recently I have been promptly updated with the most current status of a family member's illness, and it has made a turn for the highway called bad. The road was forked in three, and two roads have virtually disintegrated. We had hope one of the two would be the way to a wide-open pasture with plants of possibility growing, but alas, it was not.  Now he will venture down the darker path, the road that has merged into a straight line. What can this hold, the path that seems to have pitstops made for purchasing pain, and gas tanks of tears. The road sign reads chemo. 

Guess what though! I looked on a map, and there were other small unmarked roads on the way! It doesn't show it when I googled the way, but this map in the tourist center showed all kinds of ways! Ways with smiles and love, and newfound closeness! This road of discovery and growth, and SPIRIT! Spirit that can fight; spirit that says, "I think I'll stay for a while today; I think I'll dance with you cancer, and be.

Right now, the road is dark and scary, and like I mentioned, riddled with pain growing bigger. Yes, it's the demon waiting that no one sees coming, and never understands. Yes, it's a journey that brings everyone with you, and take very few breaks. It slows down or it ends (will you get to the end or find a new road?). 

Guess what happens on the way? You find humorous sayings that light up your day, even if for the moment, and sometimes so do the kids.

Today your family comes to pay you a visit, and your granddaughter looks at you with her comical smile, and says, "after this tenth MRI, grandpa, do you think be able to attract a metal pen like a magnet? We did that in school." 

Or "do you think this is how glowworms are made?!"

Each day is a discovery, and each extra day is a blessing from above. Even while running on a treadmill in what seems like pain,  you can sometimes have moments of glory in the middle. Sometimes while your can barely speak, you remember that trip with your family to Spain. 

And you smile. Because you've experienced love, and also loving others, and you know you will see them again.

We love you.

Written 6/28/2013, Published 10/10/2013 He went to heaven 9/27/2013, and is walking with Jesus today. With love.