Friday, June 28, 2013

Beauty in a Word

Sometimes finding the best word to use is worth the extra time.
A word can describe a whole frame of mind, a whole thought, convey a complete message in a moment. A word can edify and a word can punch. 

There is strength in what we can say to someone. A word can stick with someone for all of their time here on earth. It can limit them in ways you'll never know. Conversely, a word can be something someone holds onto in the worst of times, clinging to it like roots do to the ground. 

Truly I tell you, words are like knives. They pierce. Without ever looking, the words you choose can draw blood and create wounds that never seem to heal. 
This tends to be the case when time goes by, and the words you spoke in anger or malice spring to the surface of someone's consciousness and hurt like the moment they first heard them. They can hold that person back.

Sometimes these words, they motivate. They fuel the person's fire to do more, to be more, and to prove you're wrong. You never know, and I don't know if it's worth the risk - to drive that car into that person, and never look to see what you hit. You drive off.  Then when you realize what you have done, and it's too late, can you take this word back? 

Words can also uplift! They can build up a person; they can make that person become even something they are not! It's amazing how wonderful words can be! You can water that flower and see it blossom as it never would have before! You can instill confidence in others, and see them realize who they can be. Words can build and words can tear down. Let us use words, as often as we can, as consciously as we can, to build UP. Build up others. Build up ourselves when we need to (not as a narcissist act). Build a climate of change, that fosters encouragement instead of discouragement. Builds up new possibilities, new attitudes, new life. Words can kill, but I hope that words more often than not, will bring your lives joy and help you to thrive! 

Let us make a choice - to use words to lift up, bring hope, and change even our hearts. Let us use silence in place of demise.