Thursday, June 12, 2014

Human sex trafficking boils my blood!

Watch this video!

Tell people about your opposition to human trafficking!!!!!! Because you do care. Let yourself feel it. Xo

 It's a mindset that legitimizes it for these people, and if you're honest, that mindset isn't far from society's norm today (women are to be conquered; those that give it up aren't marriage material & they're okay to push down further; nothing wrong with using some people or each other just for sex, and perpetuating that approach; my body rules me what can I say; I no longer want my wife/Grown women who WANT to have sex with me - I want those I get thru the 'game' coersion/ I want younger - children actually/ I want those I raped/forced/bought. Where are you on the continuum? As a woman, are you contributing or furthering the myth that we can't control ourselves? As a man, are you part of the problem? Is your silence or midnight your own business helping justify these mindsets that are vocalized right in front if you? Of so, you're not a piece of crap. You're now aware. What you say or allow next is up to you. Now you can be that better person one day at a time, and you're changing!!. LOVE OTHERS & yourself, one day at a time!!!

This is not to condemn you if you have sex just to have sex (ladies/guys); that's your choice. But at least have sex wih those who want to have sex with you, in a clear sober mind, not coerced. Just because she is talked into it, and you score- she becomes an object and slowly she only sees her value as that- gaining worth only from her beauty or her sex appeal, and not for her whole person; it's an epidemic! Ladies- you are worth more than your body! So are you men, worth more than your body or wallet. We are all people; why not enjoy people at least, not just their body alone. Think about it. Mindset. If you want to go have sex, go, but do it knowing this stuff and don't bea part of this problem. Stop letting your pride and need to conquer women (people) come before being honest and letting her decide (if u only like her body and will not call her tomorrow, tell her, then let her decide. You will still find participants. Believe me. This will still help!!!
Women are beautiful. We have wonderful bodies. But we are bodies that come on people. And we are all part of the problem.

All sexual hyper-focused messaging focuses on instant self-gratification. This success to sexualiZe everything in today's culture has led to attempts to change our moral fabric and legitimize self-indulgence without the 'connection' to others, but rather sanctions pursuit of self interest OVER THE SAFETY OR CONSIDERATION OF OTHers! (Who are the major pushers of this message to the masses? Those with power and money to gain from the addictive tendencies and the lies our society now believes! Ie. my natural desires are UNCONTROLLABLE, so what can I do?! Gee, hopefully I won't be one of those persons w/ such uncontrollable insatiable desires for more that I rent a child for sex!) This is what's happening today! Te effort has to be more than just fighting the sex trafficking! We must fight the message, the mentality behind it!!! LOVING ONE ANOTHER is a decision! It isn't going to happen it a pure form if we justify putting our "natural needs" above others' needs to have love, security, freedom, and be free of coersion. Fight this with me. Dig deep. What is true freedom for you? Benign dominated by your body? Or being on control of your body and mind, and being free to make clear, conscious decisions that are best for everyone not just yourself? Because society shouldn't be run by a bunch of narcissistic people (engaging in whatever they want because it feels good)! It should be run w/ peope who realize we are all connected. What you do to one person you do to all. Because hate and unkindness breeds hate and unkindness. How would u treat your daughter or son? Or mother? Because that is how you should treat others! People loving those that love them doesn't quality as good. Even crazy, murderers/rapists/whatever-you-think-is-bad people do that. Anyone can love (action word; it's a verb! Look it up. Not just a feeling) those they like. It says much more to love those you don't know! Find a heart! Save these trafficked people who can't save themselves. Wouldn't you want to be saved damn it?! I'm so pissed! I love these poor children and women, and I don't even know them! Mark my words I will be helping them more very soon!!!!