Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A tale of terse titillation

Check out the speaker below, and you can assess my two cents as well. 


What? Respect woman as more than a sexual object or conquest? Why? Respect myself? What does that even mean? In part, not feeling like you have to 'give it up' to get or give love or affection. In part, not gawking at women [especially] while you're with your wife. In part, recognizing the strengths in women you meet or know, and encouraging others to do the same (like your male buddies - men! Like your female friends when they belittle other women - ladies!). Oh, and seeing all people as more than a sexual escapade, and learning to connect sexuality, intelligence, thought, emotions, personality all into one (part of the movement may tell you women should feel just as free sexually as men, but I challenge the reverse - men and women both to value their body as part of their whole, not dissecting bodies into means to have immediate gratification and no self control to wait for a more suitable time to combine body & soul w/ another person; believe me it's even more fulfilling if not fun, when you know someone!). Getting to know all that before you know their body. Allowing opportunities for women and men both to prove their worth in the workplace through performance not looks, worth in relationships by how they treat others, and recognizing the innate worth of humanity and how we are all connected on a higher level. Find your way of expressing yourself spiritually, and your life will look more reflective and shine brighter for everyone to see, thus connecting you with others and bringing that joy from making others smile into your own life to manifest itself! Appreciate beauty as one aspect of humanity among many aspects, and not just something that is a thought silo that leads only to sex. THAT, I believe, is one of Gods many designs - that being, loving others & finding value in them, so that they learn to see value in others. You'd be surprised how much better people act when they feel valued.

(Note* I may have more faith-based beliefs on whether it's appropriate at all before marriage, but for purpose of appealing to a since of humanity in all of us, and basic rational thought and a common sense appeal for humanity...I've chosen to omit my take on the morality side for this independent post. Ask me more, I'll give you more. But this above is cannot be dismissed on some anti-religious grounds, because it's valid even independent of any objection to faith or God.)