Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm not a Cat. Are you a Cat? (Musing)

Musing about felines.

They say cats are like dogs. No, that's not what they say.

Cat's are finicky. Cats are particular about who they like. The plural they, walking amongst others they may or may not know, ready to strike if they like.

The cats, they like when you feed them, and they might like when you pet them, today. They might also scratch you if you pet them on a day they don't like to be pet. They also (generally speaking, mind you), are quite indifferent towards you, when you don't do what they like. If that cat was bigger, it would eat you, rather than waiting to be fed.

They say cats are like women, or women are like cats.

I know dogs operate differently.
They like you if you're nice. They're loyal if they have reason to be.
Sometimes they like everyone who comes by, because that's just who they are.
They're pretty stable as far as mood, unless you really push their buttons (yea, the big red button in plain sight!).

They say women are cats, and men are dogs.

Who's they?

I'm not a cat.

Are you a cat? If you want to, you can make friends with dogs.

What kind of cat are you?

I'm not a cat.
Does this invariably make me a dog?

Are people animals, and are genders that easily defined?

I think not.

Although, I don't understand cats, and I love my pup!

I'm not a cat person, but if you're a cat, you can change my mind.